I am a wife and mother of three girls and one boy. My husband is active-duty military, which means we move frequently, spend long periods of time apart, and try to make the best of the positives and negatives of military life. I need coffee like most people need water. I enjoy being busy, even if I complain about it. I read just about anything I can get my hands on. I think travel is necessary and wish it was not so expensive. And finally, my only goals in life are to feel fulfilled and to not raise children who are jerks. This blog is all about our life, wherever it takes us and with whatever it throws at us. It's good and bad; simple yet complicated; and never boring.
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The Beautifull Project


There are so many different websites and media dedicated to women. Entire bookstore sections are dedicated to women’s health, beauty, fitness, and more. Magazines and advertisements are everywhere with images of the perfect female form. Yet how many are focused […]