This is about my life – all of it, whether happy, sad, enlightening, frightening, or downright confounding.  I have always wanted to be a writer, and the best way is to write everyday.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Ann Ring says:

    Hi Rachel! I’m a friend of Char’s – I got the chance to meet you and the girls a couple of times when you stayed with her. I saw the article about your blog in the paper, and now I’m reading your posts. What a writer! You’re very good! I hope you don’t feel as though you have to blog every day…my thoughts and prayers are with you! Ann Ring

    • aralacarpenterdaily says:

      Yes, I remember you! Thanks for reading and for the thoughts. I’m glad people enjoy following it!

  2. Jeremy says:

    I was looking for the song from Amerian Pie, Sway, and your post showed up as one of the top ten, so I clicked on it (you mentioned nostalgia, so I was intrigued). By the way, are you guys at Aviano? We may run across y’all in passing, we’ve been there for going on 8 years. Anyways, I enjoyed reading the nostalgic post.

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