A busy, busy bee

I am a busy woman.  I am told this often, and while I try to deny it, it is true.  I am a wife, mother of four, sister, daughter, friend, employee, Key Spouse, and volunteer.  I wake up early and go to bed late, often leaving many unchecked things on my to-do list.  I have many responsibilities at both home and work.  My brain is always working, always thinking, always planning.  There are some moments where I think, How can I make life simpler?  What can I do to slow down?

I submitted a short bio for the School Advisory Council at my daughter’s middle school.  This is a volunteer-board that helps make decisions and recommendations for the school while also serving as a liaison between the parents and the school/administration.  The board meets monthly during the school year, which is not much of a commitment.  Anyways, I was compiling my personal and professional responsibilities, I was a little baffled.  How does one person do this much?  I am not trying to brag or to make myself sound important; I was legitimately curious.  Then, I began to wonder why I was submitting a bio for yet another commitment.  Why would I volunteer to serve on this board, giving away more of my time?  Am I crazy?  Do I really need to do this?  Am I just too hopped up on coffee?

If I am honest, I think I thrive on the busyness of my life.  It is fulfilling to see a day of activities and things to accomplish.  I feel some satisfaction at checking something off my to-do list, completing another task.  It also makes me treasure the days of nothingness even more.  Yes, there are times that I wonder why I am volunteering for another craft bazaar.  Yes, there are days where the thought of working another 8.5 hour day seems too exhausting to bear after spending part of the night consoling a three month old.  Yes, I wonder if my children will remember the time I spent contributing to their lives or will only remember how often I was running around, trying to hold it all together.  And there are plenty of moments where I wonder if the reason I feel so stressed or anxious is all of my own making.

However, I really do love all the things I do.  I would not do them if I did not.  There are always moment of frustration and stress, but I love all aspects of my life.  I love my job.  I love being a wife and a mother (although it is still hard to believe that I am a mother of four).  I throughly enjoy my role as Key Spouse and volunteer in the community.  If you and I are friends, I will work my hardest to maintain that friendship and show you how much I care.  My family has always been important to me, and I will take advantage of any time I have with them.  While all these things may mean I lose some sleep, that is okay.  I can enjoy my life and my time while I can.

Besides, I can sleep when I am dead, right?

2 thoughts on “A busy, busy bee

  1. carol harris says:

    Oh boy….
    that’s all I’ve got. Even though you are all grown up I’m still recovering and too tired to respond.

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