The Recents: April

I am terrible at deadlines.  It is one reason I decided very early on in my college education that I could not enter into a journalism or similar field.  I can write anything that is graded within a certain amount of time, but without proper motivation (i.e. a grade or financial compensation), I will miss the deadline.  If I am motivated, I will still wait until the last minute to finish something.  So when I said that I would post “The Recents” weekly, I should have specified that I would miss a week or two sometimes.  Okay, often.

Lately, I have been incredibly busy, which means I have been incredibly tired as well.  I do not write in this blog until the girls are in bed.  All three girls are in soccer on different days.  I have been interviewing and job searching.  I also have been babysitting for my friend who had another baby!  Exhaustion has been taking precedence over blogging lately, so I apologize.  Now that I am here, I present you with my latest recents:

Music:  oh, music.  I feel like I do not listen to anything but the “Frozen” soundtrack or One Direction as of late.  Sorry, no great suggestions this week, although I have been stalking *cough* browsing the Fall Out Boy YouTube site and enjoying their videos on their latest album.  That counts, right?

TV/Movies:  I rented a documentary called “God Loves Uganda” about missionaries in that country, particularly leading up to the law that punishes homosexuality by death in Uganda.  I am very excited to watch it!  On another note, my guilty pleasure returned this week.    The Real Housewives of Orange County is back, so you know I will be watching that as well.

Books:  I believe I have admitted that before I see a movie based off a book, I like to read the book.  Since you know this, please do not judge what I am about to say:  I have been sucked into the Vampire Academy series.  It is the epitome of a teen series, but I am addicted. This is not really surprising, since I love vampires, but this series is written at the teen level.  I love it, but I also feel too old to read it.  Does that make sense?  Despite this, I love the books.  I am on book four already!

I am also reading “Eva Braun:  Life with Hitler” and am totally engrossed.  There is so much mystery around Hitler’s mistress, but she was the other half of a dictator that shaped history.  My nerd is showing!

Food:  dieting sucks.  I have been trying to be more conscious of my food intake while also getting back into my gym routine.  I have been vigilant in inputting my food into “My Fitness Pal” app on my phone, and I have realized that so many of the delicious foods I love drain away my daily calorie intake.  OMG, I’m boring myself talking about this!  I’m eating a lot of vegetables and fruits lately, and I just rediscovered my love for Greek yogurt with Nutella and raspberries.  If you haven’t eaten this, try it.  You’ll thank me later.

Topics of interest:  babies!  So many people related to me/friends with me are having children, and I love it.  Babies are adorable – I was holding my friend’s new son, and I remembered all the cute little faces and body scrunches newborns do in their first weeks of life.  I love it, and I will gladly hold/babysit/squeeze anyone’s babies if the opportunity arises (though not strangers – that would make me a crazy person).

All the babies make the husband and I question if our family is complete at three girls.  We never rule out the opportunity of another child, but we also recognize that we have finally reached that phase of parenthood where we are “good,” if that makes any sense.  The girls are all at great ages and are becoming more independent.  In less than six months, they will all be in school (yes!). Are we done with the baby phase of our life?  Is it responsible to have another child given our military life?  We never rule anything out, but for right now, I’ll just love on my new nephew from afar and will squeeze the babies here (but not too tight).

Goals:  keep working out every day.  Even if I do not get  my usual workout, it is nice to at least get a walk or some circuit workouts in each day.  I have been doing this for over a month, and I feel so much better.  I also need to get ready for my upcoming trip to Spain.  Finally, my baby brother is coming to stay this summer!  So I want to plan an awesome summer for him.  I have been job hunting like crazy, to no avail, so if I am unemployed, at least I can spend some quality time with him and the girls this summer.

On a final note, Happy Easter to all!  I will be spending the weekend at soccer practices and games, an Easter egg hunt, egg coloring with the family, and a relaxed holiday with many phone calls to family in the states.  I hope you all enjoy your holiday no matter how you celebrate it!

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