Why am I doing this quiz?

Do you remember when social media and chatting first came about? Everyone had AOL or an AIM account, right?  When I was a preteen (yes, that’s when I remember it becoming popular), I had an AIM account.  The most popular thing to do was to complete quizzes that were all about you, then posting your results for all your family and friends to see.  You know, just in case they wanted to know even more about you.  Such a waste of time and usually not entirely revealing.  However, it did help one when bored.

I am telling you all this because  – flashback! – I am completing one of those lovely quizzes for you all.  Many of you only know me through this blog, so perhaps you will learn something new.  If not, know that I spent an extraordinary amount of time completing this quiz for no reason outside of boredom.  Enjoy!


Full name:  Rachel Irene Carpenter

Date of Birth: 25 October 1984

Birthplace: Davenport, IA

Current Location: Germany!  No specifics though 🙂

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: naturally dirty blonde.  However, I have been dying my hair red since I was 16 years old.  Right now, it is a pretty vibrant and awesome shade of red

Height: 5’7”

Heritage: Too many to pin them down!  I am really an American, a great mixture of many things.  I do know that there is a little of Irish, Welsh, gypsy, and American Indian in there.

Piercings:  4 in the ears, 1 in the nose.  I had 2 in my belly button but after 3 kids, I quit putting them back in.  I really want another piercing before I turn 30, but I remember the pain too vividly!

Tattoos: 5


Band/Singer: ooh, too hard!  If I’m being honest – All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and Paramore.

Song:  Again, hard!  “Black Balloon” by the Goo Goo Dolls, “Saturday” by Fall Out Boy, “Monument” by A Day to Remember, and “Helena” by My Chemical Romance

Movie:  I LOVE movies!  Inception, Bridget Jones’s Diary, and scary movies

Disney Movie:  Sleeping Beauty

TV show:  Varies constantly.  Right now, it’s Game of Thrones, Parks and Recreation, The Vampire Diaries, and Law and Order:  SVU

Color: Black

Food:  Chocolate and pasta

Pizza topping:  spinach and red peppers, or pineapple.

Ice-Cream Flavor: Mint

Drink (alcoholic): Chianti

Soda: I really do not drink a lot of soda, but Dr. Pepper is still a fave

Store: Currently the Depot store here in Germany and Zara

Clothing Brand: I am a die-hard Gap fan.  I also really love Zara, H&M, and Forever 21

Season: Autumn

Month:  June

Holiday/Festival:  I love holidays, so we do them all pretty well.  I have to admit that Christmas is my favorite though

Flower:  Stargazer lilies

Make-Up Item:  Benetint stain and mascara

Board game:  I’m pretty awesome at Scrabble

This or That:

Sunny or rainy: Sunny

Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate.

Fruit or veggie: Veggies

Night or day:  Both

Sour or sweet: Sweet

Love or money:  Love, although I wouldn’t mind love AND money

Phone or in person: In person.

Looks or personality:  Personality, because you have to actually like the person beyond their looks.  Some of the most beautiful people have the worst personalities.

Coffee or tea: Coffee, then more coffee.  I do like tea, too.

Hot or cold: Hot for beverages, cold for body temperature.


Goal for this year: I already revealed these in another post!  I am really working on that reading goal though.

Most missed memory: Spending time with my Grandma.  She was so awesome.  I still miss her and think of her at random moments, like eating a cheese slice out of the fridge for a snack or watching Carey Grant.

Best physical feature:  I really like my hair and try to take good care of it!  I like my upper back too.

First thought waking up: Coffee!  and I wish the dog would let herself outside…

Hypothetical personality disorder: BDD, or body dysmorphic disorder.  I actually think I have a slight version of this already since no matter how hard I work or how I diet, I think my body and face are icky.

Preferred type of plastic surgery: Despite the answer above, I do not want plastic surgery.  My husband loves me like this, stretch marks and all, so I am good!

Sesame street alter ego: Rosita.  Look her up!

Fairytale alter ego: Hmmm….anything royal!  My favorite Disney princess is Sleeping Beauty, so I guess I’ll go with that one.

Most stupid remark: I hate that I call people “Dude!”  I really need to stop that!

Worst crime: I am a law-abiding citizen 🙂  So I guess my worst crime is jaywalking?

Greatest ambition: To keep gaining more knowledge.  Even after many degrees and so much time in school, I love learning.  I also really want to learn how to play the guitar and to teach piano at some point to my girls.

Greatest fear: Death, in any form.  I am terrified of dying.

Darkest secret: I’ve been arrested.  I will not tell you what for, but it’s my most embarrassing secret.

Favorite subject: English!  Anything with reading or writing.

Strangest received gift: A Billy Ray Cyrus cd from my cousin, many years ago.  It was strange but awesome, because 1)  we were really young, 2) I hate country music, and 3) he gave me his instead of buying his own.  I loved it for that more than anything.  Families can be amazing!

Worst habit: worrying about unnecessary and improbable things.  Anxiety sucks.

Do You:

Smoke: Not anymore!  beyond two minor slips, I quit smoking in October 2008.  yay!

Drink: Yes.  Wine is fabulous.

Curse: Yes, but only when I am angry.  That’s how Andy knows I am really mad.

Shower daily: yes, but I wash my hair only 1-2 times a week.  It’s a lot of work!

Like thunderstorms: Love them!  

Dance in the rain: Not in awhile

Sing: Always!  Especially in the car.

Play an instrument: Piano.  I played the saxophone for awhile in junior high, too.

Get along with your parents: My mom is one of my best friends!  My dad is not in the picture at this point in my life.

Wish on stars: No

Believe in fate: I don’t think so.

Believe in love at first sight: I believe in strong feelings upon first sight.  Love takes time and development.

Can You:

Drive: Yes, and pretty well!

Sew: Yes

Cook: Exceptionally.  It’s one of my favorite things.

Speak another language: English is my strong one, for obvious reasons.  I remember and can speak Spanish much better than I give myself credit for.  My Italian was conversationally decent, and I’m progressing in my German every day!

Dance: Always.

Sing: Not well enough to make a profession out of it, but I’m not tone deaf either.

Touch your nose with your tongue: Almost!

Whistle: Yes

Curl your tongue: Yes

Have You Ever:

Eaten Sushi: Yes.  For someone who is big on non-mushy food, I do like sushi.  My favorite is tatamaki and eating edamame whole while waiting for my order.

Been in Love: I still am (mushy moment).

Skipped school: Only once, my senior year.  I took my punishment of 5 detentions.  Those were the only detentions I ever served!

Made prank calls: If you have not, you obviously never attended a slumber party.  Do kids do prank calls now that everyone has caller ID?

Sent someone a love letter: I sent Andy so many letters when he was in basic training and tech school.  We have all of them in a shoe box.  If I read them now, I almost die of embarrassment at how immature and sappy I was.

Stolen something: Never from a store.  I used to steal my sister’s clothes all the time though!  To be fair, she took mine, too.

Cried yourself to sleep: Only a few times.  My husband is in the military – enough said.

Other Questions:

What annoys you most in a person?

Immaturity as an adult.  If you are over the age of 25 – and that’s generous – you should be somewhat grown up.  

Are you right or left handed?


What is your bedtime? 

It varies.  I have to wake up so early with the girls, so weekday bedtime is usually between 2200-2300.  

Name three things you can’t live without: 

Coffee, my phone, and a book.

What is the color of your room? 

Ugh, it’s all white.  I’m trying to decide if I should paint an accent wall.  We will be here for awhile, but do I really want to repaint it before we leave?

Do you have any siblings? 

2 sisters, then 2 brothers.  And I love them all madly!

Do you have any pets? 

We have one dog – Emma.  She is a chocolate lab, and she is the best dog!  Even on days when she digs all the garbage out or tries to jump in front of a car, I love her.

Would you kill someone you hate for a million dollars? 

No.  A million dollars won’t last forever, but that guilt will be with you always.

What is you middle name? 

Irene.  It’s my mom’s middle name and my great-grandma’s name.

What are you nicknames? 

When I was little, I was nicknamed “The Queen” by my family – and I still love it!  Girls can call me “Rach” but not boys.  It’s for a weird reason, but it’s true.

Are you for or against gay marriage?  


What are your thoughts on abortion? 

I think that I do not have the right to tell someone how to live or what to do.  However, I could not have one myself.

Do you have a crush on anyone?

Andy and I are allowed to have crushes on celebrities, and we tell each other about them.  For example, he really crushes on Katy Perry (and who wouldn’t?).  I won’t say mine, but who doesn’t love a bass player or the Hemsworth brothers?

Are you afraid of the dark? 

Andy sleeps in pitch black darkness, so usually not.  If I’ve watched a horror movie, I might be guilty of leaving a light on…

How do you want to die? 

I really don’t ever want to die.  I hope that when I finally am really old and ill, I will accept death.  However, I am so afraid of death that I do not even picture it.

What is the largest amount of popsicles that you have eaten on one day? 

Only two.  I hate brain freeze.

Would you take a bullet for the one you love? 

Maybe a flesh wound 🙂  Of course I would!

What is the last law you’ve broken? 

Speeding.  I like to know how hefty a fine will be so I can know how much I can speed without breaking the bank.

In a Member of the Opposite Sex:

Hair color:  Not picky!

Eye color: I really like Andy’s grey eyes.  Different or striking colors are good.

Height: Taller than me.

Weight:  Not a huge issue.  Not fat, but doesn’t need to be a bodybuilder either.

Most important physical feature: Height and hair.  Hair is important people, and so is what you do with what you have.

Biggest turn-off: Arrogance, above everything.

Did you all enjoy this?  Find this entertaining?  Would like your time/brain cells left?  If anything, this probably made you feel a little nostalgic.  Buenas noches mis amigos!  I do use that Spanish from time to time.  🙂

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