The Recents: 10 March 2013

I hate my dryer.  Because we live in government leased housing, I have to report all my problems to the housing officials here.  My dryer has not been working, and the tube that releases steam from your dryer <insert the correct name here> has been merely collecting mass amounts of water for about a week now.  My new dryer was delivered today and while is is new, it sucks.  End rant for today, even if it is frivolous.  Here are the recents for this week:

Music:  Having spent many, many hours in the car listening to my own music this past weekend, I have realized that my taste in music is fabulous.  🙂  I listened to a lot of Panic at the Disco, The Hush Sound, Rihanna, Silverstein, and A Day to Remember.

TV/Movies:  3rd season of Cougartown, catching up on Law and Order:SVU, and The Counselor.

Books:  I bought a new book on Columbine titled with the same name, and I am anxious to start it.  I am only nine books into my challenge for the year, so I need to get moving!

Food:  buttered toast, with real butter.  Simple, right?  But it’s my go-to food right now.  I have been making a lot of lemon-pistachio biscotti lately, which is not helping my waistline.

Topics of interest:  this lovely Russia/Ukraine fiasco.  What are your thoughts?  I feel like anything Obama tries to threaten, Russia is going to take with a grain of salt.  Right now, our administration has been administering promises and threats without any backing.  Then again, do we need to do anything?  Can we stay out of it, or do we have a responsibility to quash this before Putin takes this any further?

Goals for the week:  read, a lot.  I really need to get moving on my own goal for the year.  I also want to be more helpful with the girls in their homework.  I take for granted that they are so self-sufficient.  They take initiative and complete things on their own.  I also make sure that we always have the supplies and  crafts they might need for a project, so they usually do this on their own.  Despite this independence, I want to help more.  I will make more of an effort this week!

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