The Recents: 3 March 2014

HOW IS IT MARCH ALREADY?  Yes, angry capital letters.  This year is going by swiftly.  Here is your weekly dose of all things aralacarpenter:

Music:  Randomness!  “Hospital Bed Crawl” by The Hush Sound, “When The Darkness Comes” by Colbie Calliat, “One Direction, Justin Timberlake, and “Oh, Calamity!” by All Time Low.  They were just performing in Munich, and I really really REALLY wanted to go.  However, with the husband gone, a trip 2.5 hours from here for a concert was not possible.

Books:  Gillian Flynn.  I like her style!  I’m also strongly considering reading “Bridget Jones’s Diary” yet again.  I think this would be read #30.

Movies/TV:  I just finished the “Diana” movie tonight.  Any thoughts?  I really wanted to like it.  However, I just felt like it was choppy and did not flow well.  I love British royalty, and I loved Princess Diana when I was younger.  This movie did not work for me though.  I am hoping to get caught up on “The Vampire Diaries” this week too.

Topics of interest:  all things Madrid.  Anya and I are going there, just the two of us!  I am so excited.

Goals for the week:  de-cluttering the house.  I really do not have a lot of clutter, but there are things that need to be cleared out.  I am also hoping to visit Trier this week and to make my spin/yoga class lineup on Wednesday.

German words for the week:

die Möhre-carrot

die Käse-cheese

Guten Abend!

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