Life as we know it

The girls and I have Andy for a grand total of 2 full days this week…and the sad thing is, we are feeling pretty grateful about it.  Welcome to our life, as we know it.

Let me explain a little bit.  Andy has been home for a little over a month now, and he has been able to take some comp time and our vacation.  He went back to work, earlier than I wanted him to but at least he was working here, in the same country.  His job requires him to constantly train and stay current on his requirements, qualifications, and trainings, and to do this, he usually has to go TDY, or a temporary duty, to somewhere else.  He had to leave for a TDY this week, and luckily, he was able to come back here for 2 days before he has to leave again for a little less than a week.  What I find humorous about this is:  1)  I’m actually glad that we were able to keep him here for a month before he had to go TDY after his deployment, 2) a week-long TDY is nothing to us anymore, and 3) I am seriously just grateful that we get him for a couple days as opposed to no time in between trips at all, which we have done plenty of times before.  I remember a 3.5 week span in which he went from one location to another without being able to come home in between.  2 days is better than nothing.

I tell people these things – the deployments, the TDYs, the late working hours and nights, etc. – and even other military members and spouses seem surprised by all of it.  To us, this is just our life, whether we always like it or not.  We love it and we hate it, but this is just our version of normal and all that we have known as a married couple and family.  I have my moments where I wonder how nice it could be to have a husband there all the time, to have the dad that doesn’t have to miss events for his kids, or to have a complete family at all times.  Then again, I know that my husband loves his job and loves his commitment to his country.  I love supporting my husband and feel stronger when I get to shrug and say, “It’s no big deal,” to those that are astonished by our lives.  I have loved him when he is here and loved him even more when he is not, and nothing changes that.  The kids love their dad no matter where he is as well, and they are able to brag to their friends about how their dad goes to “all these cool places” (Anya).  I suppose you could say that our lives are full of sacrifices and moments apart, but we choose to focus on the positives of this life instead – living in Europe, traveling and living in so many different places, free healthcare, a steady paycheck, and the opportunity to feel like your job means something.  I am notorious for trying to spin situations more positively, and I do this with our crazy life, too.

So next time I complain about how Andy is gone yet again, our lack of cash this month, or how unpredictable our life is, point me back to my own blog, okay?  Right now, I’m down to about 36 hours with my husband; no offense to any of you reading this, but I would rather spend the time with him.  🙂   

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