Day 192-198: another week goes by

Hello all – how was your week/weekend?  We spent the past week being somewhat normal, which strangely feels very good.  Andy finished all his work inprocessing, so he is on his comp time for a little while.  We went to school, to speech therapy, and tried out Kids Camp at the gym.  It is an hour of exercising with kids between ages 3-9, and Addie LOVED it!  The added bonus was that this gave me an hour to work out in peace, a rare occurrence.  We went to the pool twice, a birthday party, a bbq, and relaxed at a friend’s house for awhile on Saturday.  We have spent so much time together, and I love it.

And tomorrow….we leave for our big trip to Paris.  Can you believe it?  I may not always enjoy living here, but I love being able to nonchalantly say, “Oh yeah, we’re going to Paris this week.  No big deal.”  Being the planning freak that I am, I have already read book after book about the city, using the metro, buying tickets for various attractions so we do not have to wait in line, and packing Paris-appropriate outfits.  I refuse to stick out like a sore thumb as a tourist, so finding comfortable but chic clothing was a trick.  I feel like we are as ready as we are going to be.  All of us are so excited!  My biggest moment of joy already came tonight while I listened to Andy, my 32-year old husband, talk about all the characters he hopes to see at Disneyland and how excited he is to see the park.  He really is a little kid in an adult body, but it’s part of why I love him.  🙂

I will not be taking my computer with me, but I promise to write about our trip and to post pictures when we return.  Au revoir!  Until we return!

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