Day 176-178: one more week!

Yes, that’s right – Andy will be home in one week!  We finally have a date and a time for his arrival, and he is slowly making his way back here.  I am so excited I can barely stand it.  Good to know that after almost eleven years together, I am still this excited and anxious to see him.  We are still trying to keep it a secret from the girls, so they know he will be home sometime soon but not exactly when.  That is so hard too – I want to tell them so badly!  Then we could all jump around and giggle like little girls do.  But alas, we are still trying to pull off a surprise, so I must wait…

I am doing a final for my class, so I cannot write much tonight.  But I promised to update you all on when Andy would be home, and we now know it will be very very soon!  I will feel so much better once he is out of Afghanistan – here’s looking forward to having him home with us for a little while!

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