Day 147-150: it’s almost June!

Short post tonight – I’m exhausted.  I decided on a whim to take a spin class today.  I haven’t taken one in over 4 years, but today was a rare instance where I did not have the kids and was at the gym while one was taking place.  I just went in, forgoing my usual cardio.  I felt really good and it was an awesome class…until 2:00 pm this afternoon when I finally sat down.  Big mistake, because after that I did not want to sit down.  I still feel pretty good, like good sore, but I am just beat.

We had some good news from Andy – I finally heard from him after almost a week, and he is safe and sound (as safe as you can be in a combat zone, I guess).  His return date was moved back up, so he will be home sooner than planned!  He will be back to us in late June instead of July.  He and I were both so happy about this, and the extra shot of good news has put a little extra spring in my step.  The end is in sight!  We have not told the girls yet.  We are going to surprise them with their dad’s return, and I cannot wait to see their reaction.  This deployment has seemed eternal at times, and as I have said many times, they never get easier.  He is almost back with us!

June is extra busy too, which is only going to help make the time go quicker.  I am off to dreamland, but I wanted to share our sliver of good news with all of you.  Hurray for changes in itineraries, right?  Good night all!

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