Day 130-134: where are you?

I haven’t written in 5 days!  How terrible of me, I know.  🙂  Honestly, I have just been busy with this new class, with the kids, and it has all slipped my mind.  I always say that I will make time but at the end of the night, I might talk to my husband and do some homework, and I usually end of falling asleep before I can remember to write on this blog.  I must make more time – still offering a handsome reward to the inventor of a time machine so I could go back and fit everything in one day.

Today is Mother’s Day – so Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms, grandmas, and soon to be moms.  All I wanted was to spend the day doing nothing, and for the most part, I got my wish.  Holidays away from family are hard.  I always wish I could take my mom out to eat or be there to actually give the present to my mother-in-law (my presents did not get there on time, regardless of the fact that I sent them 2 weeks ago!).  But I was able to talk to them at least.  I loved Mother’s Day growing up – we always spent the day with my Grandma.  I hate that my kids don’t always get to experience that, but I know that they treasure the years and holidays that we do get with family.

My girls are finally at the age where they make things in school for holidays, and I received some good presents for Mother’s Day.  Lorelei gave me a handprint with a poem, and Anya made me a card and some coupons for things like a hug, a free breakfast, or for cleaning.  I have already redeemed the free back rub, although I wish she had put 3 of those in there.

So now I am off to do some homework, eat some chocolate frozen yogurt, and to talk to my husband.  Hope all you mommies out there are enjoying your special day!

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