Day 128-129: some mighty long days ahead..

Short post tonight – I started another class yesterday, and I am determined to stay on task and not procrastinate (if you laughed out loud as you read that, touché).  Yesterday and today were decent days, with the usual events and errands.  The girls have been good, and we have been having fun with the sun and friends.  But the days have been looooooooong….

The last weeks before Andy comes home always feel like this.  The days stretch out, no matter how much we have to do.  The hours become agonizing.  It seems like the deployment will never end simply because the end is in sight.  Fortunately, having done this a time or two, I know that it will end and that we just need to get through these last weeks.  We do have plenty to keep us busy.  However, even this cannot stop us from thinking of how much we just want Andy home and how close we are to that day.  So we have to keep reminding ourselves, over and over, that we’re so close!

Sorry to disappoint you, but I have some heavy duty reading to do.  Besides that, I do not have anything interesting to write about anyways.  🙂

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