Day 121-123: finding the good…somewhere….

My friend Sara has recently started a blog called “The Good” that is dedicated to finding and reminding ourselves of the good in life, from the smallest details to the bigger decisions and events.  I have really enjoyed reading it, and it has made me look a little closer at my own life to find the good (which is her purpose, so it is working!).  I know that I have so much to be thankful for:  a wonderful husband, three beautiful and healthy children, a safe home, steady income, a chance to live overseas, and awesome family and friends.  But many days, when I struggle to keep up with our lives,when I fight my children to behave or to even get dressed, or when I feel lonely or isolated, I have a more difficult time seeing the good things.  As Sara points out in her blog, it is easy to lose sight of the good in life.  It’s nice to have some time or someone to remind us to enjoy the good things in life and to not take them for granted. 

Today was a great day to appreciate the good in my life.  I woke up to sunlight streaming through my curtains and open window.  I fed my children, helped Anya get ready for school, and dragged (literally, in Addie’s case) them to the bus stop.  I had a nice conversation with a grandmother of another student waiting for the bus; she is visiting because her daughter, the mom I normally see in the mornings, just had a baby girl!  I love hearing about new babies – I can live vicariously through them.  🙂  The little girls and I went home and spent the morning watching Dora and Sesame Street, drinking coffee (me) and milk (girls), and slowly getting ready for the day.  Sesame Street did a parody today called “True Mud” with the same music, different lyrics, and the same restaurant set as “True Blood.”  Little kids don’t get it, but it gives us parents a little laugh.

We did normal things today – ballet, commissary, mail, library, etc. – but the weather was so nice, I couldn’t help but enjoy normalcy a little more.  We went home to read some of the new books we checked out, to eat dinner, and to try out an awesome new recipe I concocted for raspberry-lime cupcakes.  Yes, they were as good as they sound, and I always feel pretty good about myself when I invent a recipe that rocks!  We also sang and danced tonight.  When Lorelei was a baby, I took her to Mommy and Me swimming classes at the local YMCA.  During these classes, I learned a lot of fun and silly songs, and right now, Addie is obsessed with the song “Monkeys Swinging in the Tree.”  She asks me to sing it and do the actions for it all the time; I even got a request as we were waiting for gas vouchers at the BX on Tuesday (and before you ask, I did sing it, right then and there).  We must have sang that song at least 4 times tonight, and it never gets old for either of us. 

All of this is so normal, and it was not a perfect day.  Many fights over toys were had, little people fell down, we had a long discussion about why we need to paint on the paper, not on our faces, and getting girls to eat their peas at dinner is a constant struggle.  But today I saw how even a simple song lights up Addie’s entire personality.  I watched as Lorelei literally flitted into her ballet class, so confident and happy to take the lead.  I listened as Anya told me how well she did on a test, so pleased to have a child thriving at school.  My house isn’t always spotless, but I love how much it feels like ours and how when I sink into my bed tonight, I will feel content and safe.  I have five glorious, study-free days ahead of me as I go between classes, and I am given a glimpse of life after college.  I cannot believe I am so close to a master’s degree, and today I chose to focus on how awesome that accomplishment will be instead of the scary debt facing me after it.

Life may not be perfect – and honestly, who would really want a completely perfect life?  But life is good.  I thank Sara for reminding us of this daily with her blog and encourage you to check hers out as well.  Another good things about good friends is the support we give one another, and I love that I can support and share her blog as she has done mine.  Go check and remember the good in your own life today, no matter how big or small!

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