Day 120: distraction surprise!

I am doing some research for a paper right now, and my mouse just happened to click on the bookmark for my blog dashboard (it’s like it has a mind of its own really, I was just trying to be a diligent student).  I perused the Freshly Pressed section of WordPress, which highlight different blog posts daily.  Then I clicked on My Stats to see who and how often people are reading this blog.

OMG – this blog is at over 5,050 views!  For many successful bloggers, this is nothing.  Some blogs get thousands of views a day, and I’ve been doing this since January.  However, I was so surprised and happy by that beautiful number.  I write this blog to keep my family and friends informed and to make sure I keep writing, even if it is a mundane rundown of the day.  To know that other people are actually interested in what I’m writing and occasionally enjoy it means a lot to me.  I often get stuck in this “I’m a mom, my life is boring” mode, but I’m finding that even the boring parts of my life can be entertaining or educational.  For example, you all know now how to remove SuperGlue from toddler fingers.  You also have seen Barcelona and smaller cites in Italy through the eyes of Anya and I, and you have watched us experiment with different foods and cultures in our home.  You have heard my struggle, whether it be with getting Addie help with therapy, with raising three girls, or with waiting and worrying for my husband to get home safe while still supporting him from afar. 

These things are so normal to me, but that is the beauty in blogging – one person’s normal can be fascinating to another.  I follow a few blogs but the one I am loving right now is “The Chronicles of a Skinny Jeans-Wearing Toronto Girl.”  This writer is hilarious, her blogs are informative and entertaining, and she has a knack for making her single-girl life in Canada sound amazing.  I guess we can all find some entertainment and even education in the lives of others, even if that life is so far-fetched from ours.

So thank you everyone for reading and for your interest – it put a big smile on this girls face as she dove into coffee and studying.  Now, maybe my devious computer mouse will innocently click on the Etsy bookmark too….

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