Day 112-115: catching up

Haven’t written lately – I’ve been swamped with trying to finish this class, stuff for the kids, and anything else life decides to throw at me.  I really do not have time to write tonight, since there are 3 unwritten papers calling my name, but I wanted to attend to this blog and throw out a few tidbits from our lives lately:

– In yet another amazing feat of toddler-madness, Addie superglued her fingers together on Sunday.  I had retrieved the glue from my hiding place, unaware that Addie was paying very close attention to where this was located.  Later, when I went to the bathroom for all of 30 seconds, Addie climbed up, retrieved the glue, and managed to glue her fingers together.  I ran to her, hoping to keep her fingers apart at least, but this only caused me to get glue all over my own fingers.  After many Q-tips of nail polish remover and multiple soaks in soapy water, we got it all off and the fingers apart.  I swear, I have had to look up more “how-tos” on Google for Addie than the other two girls combined.  Someday, we’ll laugh about it, right?

– I got to volunteer in Lorelei’s preschool classroom today.  I helped with crafts, sat in for songs and daily helper tasks, ate snack with Lorelei and her friends, and Lorelei got to show off her mom.  🙂  It was so great to actually see all the things she tells me about, since her description is sometimes lost on me.  I was also very proud to see that Lorelei listens really well, plays quietly, and is kind to everyone.  I smiled a lot in those 3 hours.

– this week has been and will continue to be all about getting necessary things done, because they have to be done but also because it is my last week of the sublet for Addie at the CDC.  Needless to say, more things are accomplished without dragging Addie around for them.  Therefore, I have no time this week!

– I have figured out how healthcare and insurance industries stay in business.  I am still trying to get a bill resolved from last year for Andy.  He had to see a doctor for his ears (what else?) while we were moving from Korea, to Iowa, to here.  I have been back and forth with the insurance claims and the doctor, back and forth constantly, and I am still not resolved.  At this point, I almost want to just pay the bill and give up, and this is only one bill for me.  Imagine if you had to do this all the time? I just need another day and more coffee though.  I’ll be tackling this again tomorrow.

– Addie is doing very well with all her therapy appointments.  We had a speech therapy session last week, and her therapist was very impressed with her progress.  She noticed that she is able to focus better, albeit still needing redirection, and she is speaking more and more clearly.  Yay for progress!

Now unfortunately, I must dive into textbooks now.  Sorry to keep it short and sweet, but a little is better than nothing, right?  Until next time….

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