Day 96: strangers with compliments

So I went to see the movie “The Hunger Games” tonight with Erin.  I read the books over the past summer since I knew that a movie was being made from them, and I read the three in the series in about a week.  I could not put those books down!  I drove Andy crazy with the “one more page” in bed and my constant presence of the book in the face.  The movie came here this week, only a few weeks later than the stateside premiere.  I knew that the books and upcoming movie were popular.  But when we arrived at 5:45 to buy tickets at 6:00 to be greeted by a rather large line, I was still surprised.  We waited, bought our tickets (Erin treated, she was the guy tonight – we trade off on our “date nights”), grabbed some food court dinner, then scored two seats together in the packed movie theater to watch the movie.  I was not disappointed by the film – very close to the book, the casting was accurate, and the ending left enough to want you to see the next film.

While we were waiting in line to buy tickets, I struck up a conversation with some women behind us.  We were just talking casually, and one of them asked me how I get my curls in my hair to stay so well (I did my hair nice – I was on a date, remember?).  I pointed out that it didn’t always do that, it was only after 3 kids and the age of 25 did my hair start to cooperate.  They looked at me and said, “You’ve had 3 kids?”  I of course told them yes, to which they gave me a wonderful compliment:  “Wow, you don’t look like you’ve had 3 kids.  You look great.”  I’m sure I blushed a tiny bit, but I also mumbled a thank you to these wonderful strangers.

Now, I don’t usually see myself this way.  Andy compliments me all the time, and family tell me I look nice.  But I do not see this same person in the mirror.  I work out, I try to eat right, and I like to dress nice.  But when you live with a body that has given birth and has simultaneously been scarred by childbirth, you tend to see more negative than positive.  When a stranger offers up a compliment like that, without even knowing you, it can hit you in a different way.  Why is it that the kind words of strangers can please you more than those you are around daily?  While I believe Andy when he tells  me how beautiful I am, it is just as pleasant to hear that I look good from someone who does not have any reason to compliment me.  It made me believe them and feel like maybe I am not lost among diapers, appointments, sleepless nights, and yoga pants.  So to the women behind me in line at the movies tonight, thank you – I appreciate your kind words greatly.  If anything, this proves that a little kindness can make a difference to someone, to anyone.  I know it made me feel a little better on a day where I felt frumpy, fat, and tired.  🙂

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