Day 95: was today really Wednesday?

I do not have any particular bias against Wednesdays, but many people despise the day.  It’s the middle of the week, and sometimes it is the day that seems to drag on forever.  Wednesdays are usually our day where we all drag our feet, where the tantrums will be thrown, and the day that we all just hope to pass.  This morning started out typical – some fighting over toys after breakfast and a refusal to wear anything weather-appropriate – but besides those few hours, the day was beyond pleasant.  Weird, right?

Lorelei went to the CDC while Addie had her therapy this morning.  Addie was great today, very clear in her speech, being patient and following directions.  It was almost like a different child there this morning.  I hope that this is how she continues to be!  But I am realistic enough to know that not everyday can be this pleasant.  I took her to the CDC for her sublet spot, then had an hour to myself to study, catch up on emails, and drink the ever important coffee.  I picked up Lorelei, we ran a few errands, took her to ballet, went to the gym, and picked up everyone from their afternoon activities.  We came home to play, ate dinner, took baths, read books, and went to bed easily and without complaint.  I even talked to my husband today.

Who are these children and why are they being compliant?  🙂  It was such a good day, I could hardly believe that it was Wednesday.  I do not want to jinx it by talking about it, but how can I not brag about a great day?  They do not come very often for us.  Again, I need to store the memories of this day for the day when I’m ready to rip my hair out.  In honor of this fantastic day, I am getting to bed early tonight.  If I would have known how much sleep I would miss as an adult and mother, I would have cherished my sleeping-in-til-noon years a little more.  Good night all!

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