Day 94: a few updates to share

It occurred to me that I have been not only neglecting this blog, schoolwork, and housework but also neglecting any updates on our life in general here.  As I was telling my husband about the new curtains that I made and hearing how dull my life sounds at this point, I realize that there are not many exciting things happening right now, but we do have a few new things to share:

1)  Addie has been doing really well with her different therapy appointments, and I can already see a few changes in the three weeks we have been going.  She is trying to speak more and is learning to be a little more patient (although this is still a very long work in progress).  Her audiology appointment yesterday showed some mild hearing loss, but the doctor would like her to see her pediatrician first to see if this can be resolved medically.  He saw some fluid behind her ear drums, and her ear drums were not moving like they should be during the testing.  If this is not something that can be resolved through medicine, this might help explain why Addie is having trouble with her speech.  I picked up all her registration forms for preschool next fall, and once those are reviewed, she will go in for orientation at the preschool.  Luckily, the clinic she is going to here makes the transition a lot easier by doing most of the information transfer for us.

2)  Lorelei has her first loose tooth!  About a month ago, I noticed that one of her front teeth was dark.  This happens somewhat commonly, and it usually results from an injury to that tooth.  I couldn’t recall any injury she might have had to her mouth or teeth, but her dentist assured me that it would be fine if it fell out.  Low and behold, I was looking at the tooth the other day and it is wiggling away in her mouth.  She is beyond excited about the prospect of getting a little cash from the tooth fairy, and I am just happy that the tooth I have been worried about is on its way out.  Then again, this means that Lorelei is growing up – kids tend to do that, don’t they?

3)  Nothing really new to report with Anya – except I now have an 8 year old going on 13 year old.  We have a lot of “don’t embarrass me Mom” and “why are you in my room right now?” and “it’s not fair” statements going around.  I find myself saying a lot of things my mom said to me and having those ironic moments of feeling sorry for doing those things to my mom.  AND she’s only 8!  She’s still a very sweet, smart, helpful girl – but we are approaching the ages of independence, privacy, and self-awareness.  Not sure how I feel about it, but I best be ready for it.

As for me, life is the same.  I am still struggling to stay caught up with school, to be a mother and wife, and to adapt to life overseas.  I miss my husband more and more everyday, no matter how busy I try to keep myself.  I keep trying to look forward to all the things to come – Andy coming home, summer, family visiting in August and September, and the big one, all three girls will be in some kind of school this fall.  We are  approaching our 1 year mark here, and life can only look up as we take advantage of the help and opportunities here in Italy.  Here’s to keeping you all informed and to avoiding such a lapse in the future.  Oh, let’s be realistic – it’ll happen again.  At least I know myself well.  🙂 

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