Day 73-74: I need a Siri to keep up with us…

Everyday this week, I have received a call or email of some event or appointment.  I have been adding all of these to my “mom calendar,” aka my iPad calendar – if that thing is ever stolen or crashes, I’m useless.  If I do not put it down right away, I will forget about it.  Heck, I even forget about stuff that I have put into the calendar.  A Siri would be immensely helpful when I’m driving down an Italian highway and the dentist calls to reschedule Anya’s appointment.  Anyways, I glanced at the screen today and saw a lot of dots – all kinds of dots for appointments, trips, classes, functions, and visitors.  I flipped through the next six months, and the dots are still as prevalent.  Our life is becoming more and more busy with each day!

I love this though – it’s chaotic, hard to manage, and a large game of semantics.  However, it makes our time go by faster.  And when your spouse is gone, faster days are better.  All these dots are something to look forward to or something to get past.  They provide structure, routine, and purpose.

Today, I received a phone call for a job interview, a job I applied for not thinking I would be qualified enough.  I’m nervous, excited, and highly anticipating my interview next week.  Even then, I’m sitting there thinking about who will watch the girls and how I can rearrange my already busy day to fit in the interview.  See, semantics.

Today was not as busy – ballet, Girl Scouts, and a unavoidable trip to the mall for shoes – but I embrace and continue to plan the busy days.  The more time we spend active and distracted, the easier it is for the deployment to go by and for the days to speed up.  We’re already more than seventy days into this, and it’s mid-March already.  Week by week, day by day, activity to activity, we are making our way through this deployment.  And tomorrow, I will pack a back full of diapers, snacks, and the all-important Dora bandaids.  I will shuffle us from one place to the next, even if I have to fight Addie along the way.  And before I know it, another day will have flown by.

***By the way, this blog has hit over 4,100 views.  Awesome!  Thanks again!***

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