Day 70-71: the middle always sucks

Am I the only person who ever feels like the middle of anything just sucks?  Think about it – the middle airplane or car seat; Wednesday, the middle of the week; the middle of a book where the action or plot slows down; the middle of a road trip, where you aren’t quite there but are too far to turn back.  I think the only middle of anything I might actually like is the middle of a pan of brownies, and we’ll fight to the death over that piece in our house.  Once, Andy took a butter knife to the middle of a hot pan of brownies and shanked in the word “mine” on it.  Well played, right?

Right now, we’re in the middle of the deployment.  It’s been over two months, but it’s still over two months until Andy comes home.  You can look at the time and see all that has passed, but even then, you look forward and still see the many, many days stretching ahead.  You’re lonely, tired, and out of positive thoughts and cheerful smiles when people ask how you are doing.  The deployment seems never ending at this point.  The middle just sucks.

I’m trying to stay positive.  It’s already March 11, and we have plenty of things going on in the next three weeks to help this month pass by.  Then it’s only April, then May, and then June – the month of his return!  But I also know that if all they days go by like they have this weekend, they are going to pass way too slowly.  I need to focus.  I have three weeks in this class, then a month off, then I’ll start my last academic year of my master’s degree.  Anya has a ton of activities going on as the school year winds down.  We have a trip to Barcelona coming up.  Lorelei and Addie are just as busy.  We have birthdays, sleepovers, concerts, recitals, appointments, and plenty of things quickly filling up my calendar.  Time will definitely pass quickly.

I just wish it was June already…

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