Day 59-60: funny and random moments

Once again, life gets away from me, the minutes and hours run into one another, and before I know it, I’m falling asleep on my couch in front of a textbook or laundry.  I always mean to write before I go to bed but my exhaustion has been getting the better of me.  I also am lacking in material lately.  I love my husband and children, I love being a wife and mother, and I accomplish many mundane and normal things every day; but let’s face it, my days are pretty boring mostly.  I just can’t see anyone wanting to read another blog post about my naughty child or how time differences make me want to scream when trying to talk to family and friends.  So I have to get more creative.  Exhaustion+lack of creativity=nothing to write!

There have been a few moments of randomness and hilarity that happen daily, so today I’ll share a few of them.

1)  I was talking to Lorelei about going to my friend Erin’s while Anya and I go on our trip.  I told her we could take some toys and books, they would play with Erin and her dogs, and they would cook and eat with her.  Her response, in a very serious tone: “Mom, are you serious?  Dogs cannot read or play with toys, and they really cannot cook.  I think Erin is going to have to do those.”  I did not realize I had alluded to the dogs being in charge.

2)  Addie took her shoes off at the playground – again.  No socks, nothing.  I tried to get them back on, and eventually decided to just let her run around until her feet hurt.  Normally, I receive some disapproving stares from other mothers or even comments.  Today, I got nothing.  This may not seem like much to you, but it was wonderful to not be judged or feel like I was being judged. 

3)  Addie has been waking up every night at 5:00 am, almost 5:00 am exactly, and standing there staring at me.  When I wake up and see her, which nearly gives me a heart attack every time, she just stands there and moans.  I tell her to go back to her room, she moans for a few minutes, then she marches back to her room and slams the door.  Same routine, down to a science, every night (or morning, I should say).  What a strange child.

4)  Today is February 29, making this a leap year.  That’s just weird by itself.

Like I said, nothing new or exciting happening here.  We are all fine, healthy for a change, and loving the fantastic weather here.  Andy is good, and we are two months down now.  Yay!  And if I have to admit it, yay for normalcy!

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