Day 17: school consumes her

So this post is going to be short and sweet-I have a research paper due this week that is taking most of my attention. It is worth 35% of my grade, so it’s just a little important. I usually procrastinate to the very end on every assignment. In fact, the only major paper I have not procrastinated on was my thesis for my bachelor’s degree, and I really couldn’t afford to on that. But in my master’s classes, I have tried without real success to not procrastinate. I still usually end up furiously writing discussion boards and mid-term into terribly late hours.

An unfortunately fortunate side effect of having Andy gone is that I have more time to study with less distractions (yes, my husband is a distraction, but a great one). I also am not working here, which should give me more time as well. I still have life though, which always presents me with more pressing matters (or pinterest).

This week is very full of doctor appointments, girl scouts, ballet, school, music lessons, picking up supplies for Andy, and a girl date on Friday. I cannot afford to lose focus on this paper, and so far I’m doing well. So today, I do not have much to say unless it involves failures in organizational leadership, where to buy new ballet gear, or 2nd grade math. Sorry….but wish me luck and remind me to stay on task!

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