Day 15: simple joys

My friend Erin introduced me to the TextFree app today for my phone, an app that lets you text for free using a number that you choose.  I downloaded it today and signed up for a local number near my family in Iowa.  I tried it out with texts to my sister and mom, then voila! – it worked!  I am now able to text them from my Italian cell phone using an Iowa number and it does not cost me a thing, just uses my Wi-Fi or my data plan.  To many of you, this does not seem like a big thing.  But when you are overseas, the smallest things are important and can make you giddy with joy.  Now, my family can text me instead of trying to call my horrible internet phone that breaks up every thirty seconds.  It is faster than email and such an easy way to stay in contact instead of hoping for good internet reception or a convenient time in our seven hour time difference.

I went to the Visotto, an Italian grocery store, the other day, and I found the yogurts that the girls like on sale.  They are these really small yogurt cups in all different flavors, and all of them, especially Addie, love these.  I know I will not be able to find them in America, and I love being able to shop at the Italian stores and spend time with the people here.  I also love that the girls have grown accustomed to certain likes and dislikes here, including some of the food.  It’s so simple, but it made my trip to the store worthwhile.

The girls and I made Valentine’s Day cards today, since we have to send ours extra early for them to arrive on time.  Normally, I would buy some cards for the girls to send, but I thought that we could make them this year.  They loved playing with all the card-making supplies I have, making a great mess with red paint and glitter, and made some great cards for people.  Such a simple activity made them so happy that I could not help but smile with them. 

The girls love “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”  Call it a lack of options or their childlike sense of humor, but they love it.  For us, it shows at 6:00 pm on Sundays.  They are so excited every week to watch this show, and I love the hour to sit back and watch my children laugh at pointless comedy.  It is such a simple thing that the girls look forward to every week.

Andy called twice this weekend.  Even though our phone call is dropped every minute and the connection is not ideal, it is wonderful to hear his voice and to know that I am talking to my husband.  He sounds well, which always makes me feel better.  The conversation may not last long, but it is enough to make me happy.

These are just a few examples of the simple things that I find myself enjoying in my life right now.  They may not be much, and they may not even be important in the grand scheme of things.  However, they are simple joys that make life a little easier, especially now.  They are the little moments that keep me afloat as the days pass by.  I have to remember these simple joys on the days when I am not feeling so positive. 

Besides that, today was our typical Sunday – nothing out of the ordinary.  Another simple joy.  🙂

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