Day 9: a difference of opinions

Today, I contrast the difference of opinions that I face almost daily in my life.  Observe the following:

1) Husband deployed says he will be busy while deployed, so it will help the time pass.  In his opinion, he only sees doing his job and being “busy” in it, thus making the days and months move quicker.  In my opinion, and knowing what his job entails, this means he will be in dangerous situations far more than I would like him to be, and my level of worry will increase exponentially.  See the difference.

2) Child says she ate her vegetables with dinner, although half of the amount originally given her is merely picked apart and spread around her plate, thus giving the illusion that the food was eaten.  She sees a clean plate, I see a crafty child who still has her vegetables to eat.  See the difference.

3) “Good night.”  For most people, this would mean that you are going to sleep or are in the process of falling asleep.  For two little people still upstairs giggling, it means that if they are quiet enough, they can turn their light back on and play together.  Good luck for Lorelei getting up for school tomorrow.  See the difference.

4) When someone asks you how long your husband is going to be gone for and you reply, “Six months,” to which they respond with something along the lines of, “It will fly by” or “Well, it could be worse.”  To them, they think those are words of comfort or advice to be heeded.  To you, the spouse, you want to scream, “No, it will not fly by.  It will be agony.  And yes, it could be worse – but that does not make me feel better about my husband being away from our family.”  Somedays, I’m glad I have that restraint button in my head that doesn’t want to rip someone a new one.  See the difference.

5) A person conducting business with you says, “I’ll get this to you tomorrow.”  In the US, this usually means the following day, and if that person cannot fulfill that commitment by tomorrow, they will call or make contact to propose another day.  In Italy, “tomorrow” or “domani” can mean the following day, or the day after that, or the day after that….a week later….You see where I am going with this.  A little frustrating, and you see the difference.

Yes, today’s blog is a little bit of a rant session, but I think I’m allowed.  Life, when normal (or as normal as any life can be), is frustrating, but place yourself in another country dealing with deployment, children, schoolwork, house issues, intrusive people, a language barrier, a dog that won’t stop digging…it all gets to you at some point.  Some days, we all need a good rant session.  And at least mine was clean -I am trying not to swear as much.

Despite all this, today was actually a pretty good day.  One week down, kids were pretty good, and I even talked to Andy a little bit.  It may be frustrating, complicated, messy, and difficult, but life is still good.

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