Day 8: a case of the Sundays

Sundays are both the best and the most boring day of the week in our house.  If Andy was here, he would be going to play hockey today.  The girls and I might go with him, but we usually stay home and are lazy all day.  I might clean, and I will probably have to catch up on the homework I have procrastinated about all week and is now due.  We eat leftovers, watch “Iron Chef,” and just relax before another busy week begins.

Today was not unlike any other Sunday.  I tried to sleep in a little, although that is difficult when these little people come in demanding breakfast.  We cleaned and did laundry, both long overdue.  I reorganized again, as I’ve been trying to do this and to purge our house of all things unnecessary.  I worked on homework.  All in all, a typical Sunday.

In spite of all this, it just felt a little…blah.  There are plenty of things to do in our house – books, movies, games, crafts, etc.  We were bored with everything.  The girls were either way too loud, which is awful in a small house, or complaining despite every activity I presented them with.  I still am trying to figure out what is wrong with us.  But suddenly, it smacked me right in the face.  We had no plans for the day.  NONE.  This is the first day that I had not forced us to go out or to do something.  I know that busy=time passing quicker, and normally we relish our Sunday of nothing-ness.  But today, our normal Sunday routine has just made time go by so much slower.  Our last Sunday felt the same but mostly because it was the day before Andy left (and who wouldn’t be miserable on that day?). 

Do I have to keep us constantly busy for the next 5-6 months?  While I love getting out and exploring our surroundings, taking three kids out, even with help, is exhausting.  Do I have to plan activities and events just to make the time pass?  I think that instead of focusing on the slowness of time, the girls and I should go back to appreciating our casual Sundays.  It’s the one day a week that we don’t have to get dressed or work hard.  We can be silly and just plain lazy.  Time is going pass at any rate it wants to; it is up to us to make of it what we will.  So we will keep our lazy Sundays.  Some things do not need to change.

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