Day one

So for the new year, I have decided to start a blog. I have attempted this in the past and have failed miserably due to a lack of dedication and resolve. This time, I want this experience to be much more successful for several reasons:


1) I am always trying to write and am lacking in material. Writing daily will help keep my mind fresh and to offer some outlets for creativity.

2) it is another great way to procrastinate on my master’s degree courses, which I do often.

3) we have another busy, exciting, stressful, and challenging year ahead. Yes, all of those adjectives in 365 days. I want to record what the year will be like, how we will feel and react, and what outcomes will be fulfilled. In short, I want a written record of our madness.


I will hold myself accountable to maintaining this blog, and I hope anyone (if anyone) who reads this will also do so.  As for Day one, I’m off on the right foot…

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